Meet new blogger: Marie Chancel

My name is Marie Chancel, I am 32. After doing my PhD in psychology and neurocognition in Marseille (France), I moved to Sweden in 2017. Since then, I’m a post doc in the Neuroscience department, more specifically at the Brain, Body, and Self lab. As my research project is coming to an end, it’s time for me to focus on the next step of my life, so obviously I decided to start to write for KICS’ blog (sweet organized procrastination).

I love to spend a lot of time on things that are going nowhere and produce nothing useful: hanging out the friends, playing roller derby, talking ad nauseam about politics, doing fundamental research, being unnecessary provoking… Thanks to all this wasted time, I started to think our daily lives would be easier if we all took one second more to think about the consequences we want when we act, criticize, work, comment on what’s around us and on each other. So that’s what I’ll be sharing in this blog, my thoughts about the outcomes that I wish for and the ones I obtain from decisions I took in my career and my professional behavior.




Time wasted in things as roller derby, read a book or enjoy a meal with family and friends make us rise anf grow, sure it's called time wasted because of it don't make bigger wallets of rich people! our mind need this wasted time to generate power to create, as the need of empty space before to bring production to stock, No production without empty space already planned, no need of empty space if there is nothing to produce... Both are complementary and well combined give satisfaction! Thx you Marie for inspiring us 😉

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