Christmas tree with presents and two cats

The joy of giving

Presents, presents, presents. Surely a dominant feature of Christmas. In the last post, our bloggers wrote a wish list, this time they give some tips how to bring joy to others.

A handwritten letter

Photo: Ire Photocrative/Unsplash

By Tracer Yong

A cold season is the best time to give and share warmth. But it always comes with a practical concern: how? With your closest loved ones the answer seems obvious. For people that are separated through space and time, passing your thoughts to them can be a little tricky.

Nowadays with high-speed internet connection, your loved ones are seldom out of reach. However, this type of options can somewhat be generic and casual. To make your connection more special, my favourite choice would be a handwritten card full of personal touch. You may call me old-school but when you are facing a blank card with (ideally colourful) pens, you will realise how much more information you can pass on than digital call/messages. From the card you pick, the word you choose, your ugly handwriting, to ill planned lay-out forcing you to come up with doodles in the corner, and in the case you have too much to say, you will see the font getting smaller and smaller… all these features are created in one go without the chance of do-over, it reflects everything about you! Plus, writing personal letter can be emotional in which case, a few tear drops on the card can make your message even more touching.

So, what are you waiting for? Go now and start writing!

Give a helping hand

Photo: Josh Boot/Unsplash

By Luca Love

Volunteer your time to a charity! There are many and this is a great way to give to your community and help vulnerable people. The awkward days between Christmas day and New year’s eve is an excellent time to do this.

Reuse and recycle

Photo: Samuel Holt/Unsplash

By Meruert Sarsenova

This year my friends decided to make another version of Secret Santa where people exchange nice things they have but no longer need or use. By this, we could save money and time, and still give something good that someone else might find valuable. It was a different experience for all of us, maybe even more personal as we shared some of our own things. And probably this is eco-friendly, too.

A day at the museum

Photo: Hulki Okan Tabak/Unsplash

By Natalie von der Lehr

Museum shops are the ultimate source for geeky gifts for science nerds of all ages. You can find small trinkets, science related toys, cups, notebooks, you name it. I really like to browse museum shops to find something that will bring joy to fellow nerds, and it feels much nicer to support a museum rather than internet retail.

Another option is to get a voucher for a visit to a museum, combine that with a lunch or visit to cosy coffee shop and you have the perfect activity for the recipient of your gift and yourself. Enjoy a day together!

Top image: The gifts that keep on giving – Natalie’s cats Kjell-Ove (grey) and Maxine (black). Photo: Natalie von der Lehr


Be nice - to yourself - Researcher blogs

Be nice - to yourself - Researcher blogs

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