Photograph of Libe awaiting for coffee

Meet the blogger – Libe Vilela

Never knew that writing my first blog ever would feel like stage fright, but here I am. Am I a little intimidated? Yes. Am I also excited to start a new chapter? Also Yes. You may wonder why I am doing this even if it makes me feel a tiny bit intimidated, and the answer is simple; scientific writing is boring. Well, not boring, but it can feel restrictive, and I believe I have much more to say than just science, and blogging might be the outlet I have been searching for. But, let me now introduce myself. Hi, I´m Libe, a second-year PhD student at KI, where I study the health effects of cleaning agents and detergents in occupational settings. Interestingly enough, it was a class during my bachelors (I studied nanoscience) that made me decide to change my career field and go towards the more medical field. That class was nanotoxicology. During those 50 minutes I realized that I didn´t actually enjoy physics nor mathematics, and what really made me excited was the discovery of toxicological issues. Fortunately for everyone, I have no interest in world domination and will leave that work to someone else.

Tous, mid-aged bunny, enjoying his life before diet.

Oh my, I went on a tangent up there, didn´t I? As this is a blog to introduce myself, I firmly believe I should keep talking about myself a little bit more, sorry not sorry. I love coffee, as you can see by the happy face, I have waiting for my first cup of the day in the picture above. And thus, one of my hobbies is discovering new cafés in the city. I also love achieving goals and ticking them off my to-do list. Currently I want to improve my spicy food tolerance, run a 10km race, and put Tous, my pet bunny, on a strict diet (you will understand if you see his picture to the right).

It seems we have reached the end of this post. I might have lost some readers along the way, but for those who have stayed so far with me, thank you! I hope my future blogs can give you tips, ideas, and knowledge with a side of fun. And I will close my first post with a picture of my hometown, hope you like it! (Picture below).

San Sebastián – Donostia. Picture taken from Igeldo.


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