Meet the blogger – Luca Love

Hello! I’m Luca Love (yes this is my real surname) and I’m a 4th year British/Italian PhD student. I research HIV-1 latency from an epigenetics perspective at the NEO building (Flemingsberg campus).

I write about research and research culture topics, especially global issues that affect all researchers. However, I am keen to branch out and talk about more non science topics as well.I have been writing on and off for a year now and I particulary like my article about the lack of support for scientists and poor management and the need for public engagement

Alongside the PhD I am involved in student representation through the Doctoral Student’s Association, mostly working to improve doctoral education across KI but also representing the students in my own department (Department of Biosciences and Nutrition). I found this is a great way to learn about KI, make connections and improve the doctoral experience for all students.

In my spare time I enjoy sports like Ultimate Frisbee, football, and handball. Other hobbies include Board games, Video games, Hiking, and boring my colleagues by talking about all the above.

I have been described as a mixture of these characters from sitcoms. Chris Treager (Parks and Rec), Joey Tribbiani (Friends), Jake Peralta (Brooklyn 99), and Dwight Schrute (The Office USA). You can read into that whatever you like. However I describe myself as sociable, curious and enthusiastic with a healthy dose of humour (which works inconsistently).


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